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If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence or have received a citation for DUI in Oklahoma and you need DUI defense, you are facing one of the most serious traffic offenses that can be handled in District or Municipal Courts. If your BAC level is .08 or greater, you are facing two cases that you must defend: an administrative and a civil case in which the Department of Licensing seeks to suspend or revoke your license, and a criminal case in which you are subject to mandatory jail time (even for a first offense) for up to one year, a fine up to $5,000, license suspension, ignition interlock installed on your vehicle, and possibly be subject to deportation if you are not a United States Citizen as well as other mandatory penalties.

You can be charged with DUI even if you are BELOW .08. The law provides that you cannot drive a motor vehicle if you are affected by drugs or alcohol. You can even be charged for DUI if you are driving after taking your prescribed medication by your own doctor. If you are under the age of 21, Oklahoma has a zero tolerance policy and you can be charged with DUI if you have any measurable BAC level.  Having the right lawyer is critical.


People who have been convicted of felonies may have to endure serious repercussions for years, and possibly for the remainder of their lives. The punishments that convicted felons face can range from minor penalties, such as community service or probation, to much more severe penalties, like a jail or prison term and/or monetary fines. In the most extreme cases, a life sentence or death penalty may be imposed.

Murder, rape, and vehicular homicide are just a few crimes which are considered felonies in Oklahoma. Due to the seriousness of the consequences associated with a felony conviction, the Constitution has laid out certain protections to ensure that defendants receive a fair hearing for the crimes that they have been charged with.

Even after their sentence has been served, convicted felons may still encounter many obstacles, such as credit issues, loss of public benefits, firearm possession restrictions, and possibly the loss of some parental rights. These obstacles are encountered in addition to a variety of social stigmas, difficulty finding employment, and psychological problems which may result.  Antinoro Law Firm is dedicated to helping you defend against such charges so that you may move on with your life.


Don’t let the name fool you; a misdemeanor can amount to serious consequences.

You can face harsh penalties and have a charge on your record that will stick with you for a long time, possibly even preventing you from getting a job. You can face a maximum sentence including jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

If you find yourself charged with a misdemeanor, it is imperative that you consult with and retain capable counsel or you will find yourself either pleading to a sentence far greater than what you should, or fighting a battle at trial you will most likely lose.

Domestic Violence

One of the most difficult charges to face for both emotional and legal reasons, a domestic violence charge has far-reaching consequences. The charge itself can immediately damage your reputation and relationships, and the penalties are severe.

Police are essentially required to make an arrest when called to the scene of a potential domestic violence situation, and those accused of this crime are rarely afforded the opportunity to explain their side prior to arrest. As a result, arrests are frequently made based on unsubstantiated assault and battery accusations, even if the accuser recants.

The stakes are high; you cannot afford to let inexperienced counsel represent you on such a serious charge with such potentially damaging ramifications at hand.

Even if you are completely innocent, the deck is stacked against you in a domestic violence accusation and charge; overzealous prosecutors will aggressively pursue a conviction on this charge, so you need a passionate and experienced lawyer to protect your rights.

Unsupported allegations are often the basis for domestic violence arrests, and something as small as a push can be enough to charge a defendant with battery. Antinoro Law Firm has represented numerous clients accused of domestic violence. We will make sure that your side of the story is heard, and work hard so that you can move on with your life without the shame commonly attached to an offense of this nature.

Drug Crimes

Drug charges of any kind should not be taken lightly. Crimes of this nature, whether felonies or misdemeanors, can land you in prison and cost you large sums of money in fines, not to mention the negative social stigma that exists when one has a drug conviction on their record.

Unfortunately, the pursuit of controlled substances by law enforcement has resulted in uncontrolled efforts that are often at odds with the law and basic constitutional rights. Law enforcement routinely searches and seizes these substances in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and uses the fruits of their unlawful searches as evidence against those charged with drug crimes.

Getting drugs off the streets is certainly a priority, but doing so in opposition of basic constitutional rights is undeniably objectionable.

At Antinoro Law Firm, we have made defending the rights of those charged with drug crimes one of the pillars of our criminal defense practice. In addition to our extensive experience, our attorneys know Oklahoma State drug law and are well versed in the numerous prosecutorial tactics in this area of the law.

Sex Crimes

Sexual offenses are some of the most aggressive and relentlessly prosecuted offenses in all of Oklahoma. Regardless of the circumstance, prosecutors seem intent on prosecuting any person accused of a sex crime.

Whether the alleged victim’s story is unbelievable, in direct opposition to the underlying facts, or simply entirely unsupported does not seem to matter; if you are charged you have a long, difficult road ahead of you.

Lawyers at Antinoro Law Firm are sensitive to charges of this nature as we have a great deal of experience defending the rights of those accused of sexual offenses. Our goal is to defend the rights of people charged with crimes, and in no other crime is the defense of basic rights more important than for those accused of sex crimes.

When charged with a sex crime the accused is in for a monumental life shift. Facing a significant prison sentence, potential sex offender status, and shocking societal humiliation, only a passionate attorney will be able to successfully navigate through all of the distractions associated with charges of this nature and successfully defend someone accused of a sex crime.

In addition to the penalties, one must take into account the fact that states typically designate whole units dedicated solely to the prosecution of sex crimes. These prosecutors have usually chosen to take positions in these units, viewing themselves as the protectors of the victims of sexual crimes. To them these are not just run of the mill cases, allowing the facts and evidence, or lack thereof, to take a backseat to their often radical beliefs and desire to carry out the work of the virtuous.

Our lawyers understand this, and will surpass that aggression in defending our clients.

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