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“Mark did a great job and took such good care of my husband.  He was very thorough and detailed.  In a case that went on for five years, he never gave up and in the end justice was served.  There is nothing I can ever do to repay Mark for what he did.  He truly is one in a million.” – Van & Rochelle Gates

“Mr. Antinoro is always prepared and always professional.  I am beyond grateful for all the hard work he puts in and the counsel he gives.  His quick response to all my questions, attention to details, and willingness to explain matters lead to a solid bond of trust.  His experience leads to great success in the courtroom.  I could not be happier with the service that Mark provides!” – Steven Farris

“Mark and Chris were amazing to say the least.  When I first started my case, it seemed to be unwinnable. However, after my first conversation with them, I immediately hired Mark and Chris because I had no doubt that these two were the fighters I needed. Their confidence and professionalism inspired me which in turn gave me a great sense of confidence in them. However, even with all the cards seemingly stacked against us, Mark and Chris were able win the battle and obtain custody of my daughter for me.  Mark and Chris’ conduct was beyond reproach. Their ability to fight and win no matter the odds is what got me my daughter, and I thank them every day for it.”Travis Ring

“In my opinion, Mark and Chris truly stand out when it comes to legal representation. They are thorough, confident, trustworthy, and share a true concern for their clients. The preparation and professionalism they bring to the courtroom is unmatched. After having the privilege of their representation on several occasions, I would not consider any other law firm than Antinoro Law. Mark, Chris – your efforts and support are so appreciated!!” – Sherry Wallis